Experts in custom moulding Telene

Your expert in Telene (DCPD) moulding and Composite prepregs

We at AB Bröderna Bourghardt are experts in custom moulding Telene (DCPD) and Composite prepreg sandwich technology.

Our sales and technical development office is located in Kungsbacka, Sweden and our production facility in Liepaja, Latvia. We made our first delivery to the automotive industry in 1927, which makes us one of the most experienced and reliable suppliers in the industry. AB Bröderna Bourghardt is a private company in the third generation.

Focuses on large plastic and composite components

In 1927 our products were made from textile materials. Today we focus on complex large plastic components, such as painted exterior body panels and large composite prepreg components such as radomes for communication equipment. Read more about our production and contact us for more information.

Welcome to AB Bröderna Bourghardt – your expert in custom moulding!


AB Bröderna Bourghardt
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