Management principles

  1. We guarantee effective painting and construction producing in pressing forms for pressed plastic parts. AB Bröderna Bourghardt combines high technical ability with non-stop growth of production process.

    We must actively cooperate with customers and suppliers in order to ensure our customers with successful delivery of parts.

  2. Denomination "environment" in this case contains external environment and working conditions inside of company as well, including health and safety.

  3. Each employee is responsible for quality and environment. Each employee has the right and responsibility to, if needed, go back to the previous stage of production in order to ensure the highest quality and environmental standards.

  4. We constantly try to make improvements regarding quality and environment.

  5. All our operational processes follow the zero-error principle, which is foreseen by the FMEA model.

  6. Every person cooperating with our company must respect our operation principles regarding customers, employees, following the regulations, maintaining the order, etcetera.

  7. Our management system must ensure fulfillment of at least existing law and instructions.

  8. Our priority is to increase our employees' level of training and knowledge in work quality and environmental issues in order to meet our customers' requirements optimally.

  9. We give objective and reasonable explanation about our position in environmental aspects and are open to discussion with interested sides and company customers.

Our management systems are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.
We are certified by Bureau Veritas Certification Sverige AB.

Kungsbacka, 25 August 2008

David Bourghardt


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