Our DCPD and PUR production

We at AB Bröderna Bourghardt are experts in custom moulding DCPD (dicyclopentadiene) and PUR (polyurethane). Here you find more information about the materials and our production.

Please contact us for more information about us and our production in custom moulding DCPD and PUR.

DCPD - excellent surface at a good price

Moulding DCPD (dicyclopentadiene) is a cost efficient method to produce large parts with excellent surface quality. The material has been used for industrial applications since the beginning of 1993.

Shaped in aluminum moulds

The DCPD process works excellent in aluminum moulds, which enable us to offer competitive prices and short lead times.

Freedom of design

DCPD is injected into the closed mould. The low viscosity of the DCPD enable us to inject very complex shapes and long flow paths without problems, while metal structures can be over-moulded.

Recent development of the DCPD resins have introduced the possibility to produce fiber-reinforced DCPD parts.

Applications for exterior body panels

  • Agricultural sector: Tractors, harvesters, etcetera
  • Vehicles: Trucks, automotive accessoires, golf cars, special vehicles
  • Construction equipment: Dump trucks, wheel loaders, telescopic handlers, etcetera
  • Examples of parts: Engine hoods, roofs, side panels, mud guards

OEMs that use DCPD

  • SAME
  • Volvo Truck
  • Volvo Construction Equipment
  • Caterpillar
  • JCB
  • John Deere

Corrosion resistant

DCPD is corrosion resistant and therefore used to make filters, filter housings, membranes and other parts used in very aggressive environments with corrosive substances such as acid, chlorine, bromide and concentrated or warm bases.

Other industries

  • Swimming pool panels
  • Wings for wind power units
  • Fan shrouds for industrial engines

PUR – the only limit is your imagination

With PUR (polyurethane) the limitations on designer freedom are very few and the range of opportunities to integrate various materials and functions wide.

Many advantages

  • Highly functional
  • Insulates against heat and cold
  • An excellent construction material (carrier of foils, sandwich, corrosion resistant)
  • Absorbs noise and energy
  • Comfortable

Mould unique 3D-shapes and surface patterns

Complex three-dimensional shapes are easily handled in PUR. The material also offers opportunities for unique surface patterns.

Polyurethane lends itself well to production of large parts where other production methods demand excessive production equipment. It also works very well as an adhesive to other materials.

Can be coloured in many different ways

Colour PUR by:

  • In mould coating (the right colour right out of the mould)
  • Pre-coloured substrate
  • Colour matching through choice of foil
  • Post painting